Personalised Golf Clothing & Equipment

Teams need gears...

YES! Find Us Team Gears Now!

Team Tour Gears

You're going on tour... maybe you've picked Portugal or Spain or perhaps your staying in the UK.

Wherever you're going on tour it's exciting! Adding team events brings another level of competition and excitement!

And when you bring teams into the equation... you're going to want team outfits!

So click the button below, let us know how many people are going on tour or are in your society, and your preferred brands and colours and we will see what we can get for you.

Got a team logo? Of course you do. We can print that on the shirts too!

It's not just t-shirts... we can personalise golf balls and more... check out this list below

Personalised Golf Clothing & Equipment

How Does This Work?


Fill out the form by clicking the button and fill in your details and requirements.


We get to searching for some top deals for you.


We let you know what we can find and how much it will cost you.


If you give us the go ahead we will get everything for you, print it, and send it out to you!

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What Else Can We Personalise For You?

It's not just the shirts we can get for you and get personalised.

Here are some examples of other things we can do...

  • Golf Shirts
  • Jumpers
  • Jackets
  • Caps
  • Towels
  • Poker Chip markers
  • Goody Bags - inc tees, markers, and more
  • And so much more... if it's golf related chances are we will be able to do it.
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Join The Club

Be a part of something special in the golf world. We are not one society, we will be loads of societies. Will we hold events, probably, will there be lots of golf played... definitely!